Simple Dashboards

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What we are building

What We're Building

A platform which allows you to showcase vital data within simple dashboards.

It's also free to download and build up.

Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Build your own custom Apps & Widgets with simple HTML, CSS, Javascript, and your favorite web programming language like PHP, Perl, Ruby, Go, Python, or whatever your heart desires.

You'll be able to code a widget quickly with our help guides and sample widget code.

Apps And Widgets

APPs & Widgets

APPs control the data you wan to see.

Widgets displays that data in formats you prefer.

Customizable Themes

You'll be able to create, download, and customize themes to get the perfect look and feel for your dashboards. Almost everything is customizable.

Customizable Themes
Popular Integrations

Popular Integrations

We're coding up MakoCore Apps which include several popular integrations for online businesses.

Whether you run an eCommerce, a warehouse with inventory management, are a content publisher, or simply want to see what's going on within your financial accounts, we're able to make easy solutions for you.

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